Starry Night

In this classic painting, we find Van Gogh gazing at the starry night from the window of his asylum. Since his focus lies on the lit sky, we wanted to depict the sky he saw from locked room. To project the sky on to the shoe, it felt natural to lay our emphasis on the hood. We thus, crafted the hood with round holes to bring the stars down to the ground. The holes are punched all the way till the inside so that the exhibitor of the shoe can project the light that he wants to project by the choice of his hosiery. Just like the way the sun sheds light on to the stars. We then added a leather strap and tied it with a classic lock to highlight the captivity of Van Gogh in his room at the asylum. We structured the hood on a plain and simple shoe to signify how the window was Van Gogh’s only ray of light, and the rest was darkness.

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