The Birth of a Dream

We see a man with his back turned towards the world, and his soul towards his creation. We see a man whose sole focus lies on to make his creation: a perfection. To respect his dedication, we felt compelled to solely lay our focus on his creation as well. We therefore, crafted a shoe gathering inspiration from his beautiful car. We designed the frame by moulding the shape of his car in a wearable fashion. We gave a slightly raised frame to the front of the shoe to resemble the front of Vettriano’s car. And to the sides, we sketched precise curves to correspond with the curved cockpit. To bring that mechanical feel to the shoe, we designed a buckle that mimics the axle of a vehicle. We further punched the leather with dots to highlight the rivets visible on the car. Once we were satisfied, we mounted a flag on the side to emulate the creator’s pride in his product.

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