Sputnik Footwear

Sputnik Footwear opened it’s doors to the city of Karachi in 1967. On that day, the founder Sadruddin Veljee, embedded two principles into the company: Design shoes that are elegant and subtle. And ensure that product quality is paramount. With just the singular outlet on the prestigious Elphinstine Street, Sputnik Footwear soon became the choice for those to wished to wear the most trendy and fashionable shoe in the city. Now a third-generation company, Sputnik to this day, abides by these ideals, which made us the shoe company with the most loyal customers.

Since 2001, Sputnik Footwear has expanded itself across the city of Karachi. In 2015, Sputnik opened a store in Islamabad, the first of upcoming stores outside of Karachi. By the end of next year, we hope to welcome the cities of Lahore and Hyderabad into our stores.

Sputnik Showcase

In 2011, Sputnik wrote a new chapter into it’s history by launching the Pakistan’s only Boutique shoe store. Sputnik Showcase houses some of the most sophisticated and innovative footwear brands from around the world. In just a few years Sputnik Showcase has become the obvious choice for those who aspire to wear the best shoes in the world. We currently have Sputnik Showcase stores in Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi, and The Centaurus Mall, Islamabad.

Brands housed at Sputnik Showcase